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Use of Christ Church for Summer / Week-end Camps

We occasionally get approached by Uniformed Organisations enquiring about the use of our premises for Summer or Week-end Camps. We believe that we are an excellent location for Camps, and now that our premises are being upgraded, offer the kind of accommodation that is suitable for most groups. However, due to extensive use of our premises by community groups, we can only offer limited periods during the summer for Camps lasting a full week, although weekends remain a possibility throughout the year.

As we are keen to respond to such requests, we have compiled the following information for those who would wish to consider Clacton as a venue.


The Church is situated just 100 yards from the promenade and sea front and only half a mile from the Vista Road Recreation Ground with its indoor swimming pTool, tennis courts, playing fields and Leisure Centre. The pier at Clacton has been developed over the last few years and now contains many excellent attractions. We have good beaches, and are an excellent base for touring the Tendring Peninsula. Christ Church is also situated very close to the Town Centre. Colchester is approximately 15 miles away and is accessible by bus or train.

We believe it is a very attractive venue for summer camps for all youth organisations. The Elders of the Church, being aware of this, are conscious that they should attempt, wherever possible, to accommodate youth organisations that wish to come to Clacton. Groups must equally appreciate that the regular work and activities of the Church must continue with the minimum of interruption, although many of our activities are suspended for a part of the summer holidays. The accommodation that is offered, therefore, cannot be considered for exclusive use for the agreed period of the reservation.

No set charge is made for the use of the premises, but a donation to the Church funds is requested in order to cover use of the facilities. It is necessary to take into consideration the supply of electricity for lighting and cooking (it is assumed that summer camps would not require the heating) and water. We do like to advise on what would be considered an appropriate amount, but again this might vary according to the size of the group and the duration of the Camp. The amount agreed will be at the discretion of the Room Booking Secretary in consultation with the Church Secretary, who will notify the Elders accordingly.

Accommodation / Facilities:

The main hall (50' x 30') is clear of obstruction and is roughly the size of a badminton court. Stackable chairs are stored at the side of the hall and various sized tables are readily available which are easy to dismantle. There are two rooms that lead off the hall that might be available for your use - the office [as a sleeping area for officers], and the Blanche Mann Room [for storage]). There are also two rooms in the gallery which we use of our Junior Church work. These rooms may be available for craft activities by prior arrangement but cannot be used for sleeping accommodation.

Between the hall and the church there is a room we call the 'Transept' which has been refurbished. This again can be made available for devotions, meetings and quieter activities, but needs to be arranged through the Booking Secretary. We ask that this room is cleared and tidy should a church group be wanting to hold one of their regular meetings.

Toilets (ladies and gentlemen) are located within the front entrance to the main hall; they are supplied with both hot and cold water wash basins, hot air hand dryers and baby changing facilities. A toilet for the disabled is located in the church welcome area. Unfortunately there is no shower facility on the premises.

The kitchen has been recently refurbished with two sinks and draining boards; a modern water heater which supplies running hot water to the sinks as well as a boiler for drinks; two electric ovens; medium sized refrigerator / freezer; modern work tops and coloured chopping boards and a microwave oven. (Some cupboards contain equipment specifically for church use). Brooms and brushes are provided but no medical, linen, cleaning or toilet materials are supplied. We can supply crockery and cutlery if necessary.

Over the last 8 years, the church has undertaken a Refurbishment Project to make the builder more 'user friendly', especially for the disabled and parents with toddlers. This includes better access, a new disabled toilet at the main entrance to the church, improved toilet facilities off the main hall; a welcome area in the church, a new sound system (for church and Transept), the redecoration of the Church Hall and other rooms, refurbished kitchen plus emergency lighting in the Welcome Area and Transept. This programme of maintaining and refurbishing our premises is ongoing.


We are unable to arrange the supply of provisions. However, if there is any difficulty with regard to bread and milk etc., especially on the first day, we're sure a church member will be prepared to organise this upon adequate notice being given, as it is recognised that some organisations may have to travel long distances.

TThe town has a reasonable sized supermarket within walking distance of the church (Sainsbury's), a market, and a good selection of shops (including M&S; Boots; WH Smiths etc). There is a chemist available on the High Street just a few minutes walk from the church. There are three larger Supermarkets (2 Morrisons and 1 Tescos) but both would require the use of transport.

Church Services:

Our Sunday worship begins at 10.25 for 10.30am and you will be assured a warm welcome (Communion first Sunday in the month). We normally follow 'ROOTS' material in worship and Junior Church. Let us know if you are planning on being present at the service, so that the Worship Leader can bear this in mind when preparing the service, and an attempt will be made to make the service 'All Age Worship'.

If you are planning on being present for Sunday morning worship, we would also need to know if you wish to parade in the colours.

Arrival / Departures:

Please give adequate notice of times of arrival / departure so that someone can be present to hand over keys, inspect the premises, offer clarification etc.

Booking Secretary:

Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the use of our premises for a Camp, whether for a week or week-end, please contact our Room Booking Secretary, who will supply you with conditions, cost etc.:

Mrs Loesje Gibbs
C/o Christ Church United Reformed Church
Carnarvon Road
Essex. CO15 6PH.

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