Every day all over the world more and more waste is being produced. It all needs to be disposed of some how. There is a limit to the number of landfill sites available to fill with rubbish.

We can reduce the amount of waste we produce by reusing and recycling it.


I have put together list of household items that can be reused for other purposes instead of being discarded. By reusing unwanted items you will also save money.


Baby Wipe Container

  • Use the cylindrical type with the hole at the top to dispense balls of wool. It will stop the wool getting tangled and dirty.lady knitting


  • Use to tie back tree branches
    Use for tying young trees to supports

Binders (three-ring)

  • Cut out the section which has the rings on it, drill a hole through the rivets, and then screw the strip to a wall. Use to store commonly used utensils, paint brushes or your keys

Bread Bags

  • Use instead of freezer bags

Carrier Bags

  • Use as bin bags
    Ideal for putting dirty nappies in
    Cut into stripes and use instead of string

Car Tyres

  • Make into a planter - fill with soil and plant. Can also be painted. A raised planter can be make by stacking a few tyres together.
    Swing - suspend in a tree with a rope
    Suspend with two ropes to use as a target to throw a ball into

Cat Litter

  • To prolong use of newly cleaned cat litter, each time the cat pays a visit, scoop out used litter & sprinkle with shake'n'vac - you'll be surprised how much longer it stays clean, dry & smelling fresh!!

Chimney Pot

  • Makes an interesting planter

Coffee Jars (Large)

  • Save jars so that you have a matching set to store sugar, dried fruit, tea etc
    Use as a vase for those unexpected flowers


  • Tie rope or string to the handles so that it can be hung up to make a hanging basket for flowers

Compact Discs (CDs) cd

  • Use as coasters
    Place a watch in the centre and hang on the wall for a funky clock.
    Tie fishing line to a disc and hang in your fruit trees to keep away the birds
    Collect a lot to make a fun design on a teenagers bedroom wall
    Can be used as a Frisbee


  • For keeping fish hooks safe


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