Good ideas for Reusing Everyday Items Continued

Egg Boxes

  • Use to keep necklaces and bracelets separate
    Use to sow seeds in or plant out seedlings separately


  • Keep reply envelopes that are sent out by businesses, stick a label over the address, and reuse
    Use old envelopes for storing saved seeds

Film Canisters

  • Ideal for storage of drawing pins, elastic bands, paper clips etc
    Makes an air tight container for storing seeds

French Baguette

  • Stale french baguette- useful brush, or soak in milk + sprinkle with brown sugar+ fruit to make tasty dessert

Greetings Cards

  • Cut off the side with the picture (If there is no writing on the reverse side) and reuse has a postcard
    Make into gift tags by cutting an old card with pinking shears, and punching a hole in the corner

Hair Brush

  • Use to brush the dog or cat

House Bricks

  • Make edge for flower border
    Pathways in the garden
    Make stand for bar b que

Ice Cream Cartons (4 litre)

  • Idea for keeping bread fresh
    Use for storing toys in because they are easy to stack and can be decorated with stickers
    Use to stand cleaning materials in - ie in the bathroom so that bleach etc does not damage the carpet

Ice Cream Cartons (2 litre)

  • Can be used as lunch boxes
    For storing cutlery in a drawer

Ice Cream Spoons (Given away with individual tubs)

  • Good to use as glue spreaders


  • Cut to the width required and use instead of a rubber band.
    Use as patching material to repair punctured inner tubes
    Cut the tube so that it is no longer a circle and cut off the valve. Drop a chain through the tube. This will keep the chain from clanking.


  • Make a wooden ladder into a floor-to-ceiling bathroom towel rack by washing, sanding, varnishing and installing

Laundry Basket basket

  • Use for storing children's toys
    For collecting weeds when gardening
    For a cat or dog basket - just add a blanket

Lemonade Bottle (2 litre)

  • Cat scarer - fill with water and put it on its side on the garden. This will stop the cat using the garden has a toilet - the cat sees it's reflection and is frightened away.
    Make a mini propagator by cutting a bottle in half. This fits nicely over a flower pot to protect young plants
    Use the top half of a bottle has a plant waterer. Bury top half of bottle next to base of plant. Put the water in this when watering the plant so that the water is directed to the roots. This idea also saves water
    Funnel - cut bottle in half and use top half as a funnel

Lolly Sticks

  • Use to label plants

Loyalty Card/Credit Card

  • Good for spreading filler into small cracks in the walls

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