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Good ideas for Reusing Everyday Items Continued

Margarine Tubs

  • Use in the freezer to freeze stewed fruit, stock etc
    Use as flower pots

Mustard Jars

  • Save so that you can have a matching set of spice jars
    Use to store drawing pins, paper clips etc

Net Curtains

  • Drape over soft fruit bushes to stop the birds helping themselves

Plastic Balloon Sticks (as attached to McDonalds balloons)

  • Use as plant support
    Great for unblocking the kitchen sink

Pringle Box (Large)

  • Good for storing fishing floats in

Pringle Box (Small)

  • Cover with wrapping paper or paint and use as a pencil/pen pot


  • Make into pillow cases - use the good material at the side of the sheets
    Use has dust coverghost

  • Make a ghost outfit for Halloween

Shower Curtain

  • Use to protect the boot of your car when transporting dirty items
    Makes a good dust sheet to protect furniture when decorating


  • Save and use for anything you would use string for
    Use to tie plants to plant support
    Playing conkers


  • Plant Ties - cut into half inch strips - makes gentle ties for young plants
    Take a stocking and fill it with other old tights or stockings and knot the end to make an instant draft stop.
    Cut up and use to stuff soft toys or cushions
    Plait together and switch into a circle to make a stretchy hair band
    Use instead of string
  • old tights (pref black or brightly coloured) cut accross-ways to make v.useful elastic band, hair-bands, or even tent rubbers!

Toilet Pan

  • An old toilet pan makes an unusual planter - for a real talking point leave the seat on hammy

Toilet Roll Tubes

  • Give to hamster or other small rodent to play with


  • Use for polishing shoes - especially useful for where the shoe meets the sole
    Use to make cleaning round window frames easier
    Good for cleaning grouting between tiles in the kitchen or bathroom
    Makes cleaning the wheels on a bike easier
    Use to clean combs

Yoghurt Pots

  • Cut up to make plant labels
    Use as small flower pots
    Can be used for water pots when children are painting
    Can be used as individual moulds for children's jellies

Wallpaper (left over rolls)

  • Use to cover school text books
    Line drawers and cupboards
    The back can be used for children to paint on
    Can be used instead of wrapping paper for presents

Washing Up Bowl cat

  • Use instead of a basket for a cat or a small dogbottle

Wine Bottles

  • Use to make a candle holder - just like your local wine bar

Wrapping Paper (Used)

  • Save paper to make up a parcel for the children's party game of pass the parcel

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recycle it